July 18, 2016


Tree Pruning and Removals

Proper pruning can achieve the following goals without sacrificing the health of the tree:

  • Removal of hazards like dead, dying, and dangerous limbs.
  • Increase light to your home, gardens, or lawn area.
  • Give proper clearances to your house, wires, sidewalks, garages, sidewalks and other buildings.
  • Enhance views of local natural beauty like lakes and gorges.
  • Correct structural problems and improve vitality to ward off pests.

Tree removal may be necessary for a number of reasons:

  • A tree that is dead or dying poses a risk to life and property.
  • A tree may be in the way of a house addition, solar panel installation or other construction project.
  • A tree may be inhibiting the growth of a more valued tree.
  • A tree may be very much alive, but at the same time structurally very hazardous.

Removals and pruning can be SAFELY handled by our highly trained, insured professional staff.

Our employees are trained to climb as well as use bucket trucks to suit every property’s individual challenges.

Stump Grinding

Our stump grinder can make short work of that ugly stump you need removed.

The stump can be ground down anywhere from 6″- 24″ below grade, either for reseeding to grass, to prevent resprouting, or in the case of the deeper depth to provide a place for a replacement tree.

Cabling and Bracing

Sometimes large or heavy limbs which appear healthy can in fact have weak attachments to the parent stem.

The installation of cables or rods can often be a very cost effective way of greatly reducing the hazard potential of the tree without having to remove it.

Emergency Work

Has a tree come down in the latest wind storm to tear through the Finger Lakes? Or has a limb fallen onto your garage? We have the equipment and the skilled manpower to get you squared away.

Other Services:


Consultations may include overall evaluations and ID of plant material in a given site, recommendations for their care, hazard tree identification and recommendations, pest and disease identification and treatment recommendations.

Integrated Pest Management

We now offer pesticide treatments and invasive pest control!  Services include:

  • Hemlock Woolly Adelgid control
  • Emerald Ash Borer prevention and control
  • Herbicide spot treatments to kill stumps that cannot be ground.

Labels for products we apply can be found here.